Empowering your business : 3 free trade zones cooperate to connect you to a  global market of 2,2 billion consumers  in the CIS,  the EU and China
Our goal : strengthening cooperation to bring global logistic solutions and a  sustainable economic environment for your business .
Kaunas Free Economic Zone (Lithuania EU), Great Stone Park (Minsk, CIS) and Jiashan Economic and Technological Development Zone (China)  introduce the New Silk Road Initiative . The 3 industrial and logistic  zones are located on a new Silk Road that connects the Baltic Sea with the Pacific ocean over land by rail and by road .
A value creation partnership has been concluded with Chemie-Cluster Bayern and that will create the way for a next generation network of sustainable industrial parks
Maritime transport  taking 30 days ….is now shortened over land and Western Europe becomes reach-able through this new silk road of 10.000 km in less than 15 days !